Naseem Javed

A world-renowned authority on corporate nomenclature, author of two major books, Naseem is featured in over 100 articles worldwide, annually. Today, Naseem is invited to speak all over the world. His talks are always very insightful, and provocative. He advises CEOs of Fortune 500 and other leading corporations on all matters of complex global naming in the e-commerce.
Following are some key issues, which Naseem has been credited and critically acclaimed for.

1979 - Rendered some 25,000 opinions on the availability, suitability and registrability of business names as part of three year training by the Federal Government Trademark Office.
1980 - Published a 400-page reference manual entitled “How to Name a Business
or a New Product”
, which became a point of reference for major corporations in the industry.

1985 - Setting up procedures at IBM HQ, to handle global naming which were then more than 1000 new products and services announcements annually.

1990 - Forecasting major corporate naming trends and introducing The Rules of Modern Corporate Nomenclature, which received global attention, awareness and a worldwide appetite for graphic design companies to venture into naming.

1995 – Writing “Naming for Power”, and also “Domain Wars”, which correctly predicted the domain bubble, cyber-branding and epidemic, this now has become a major chapter in the history of corporate naming.

2000 - Introducing the concept of “Corporate Domainization”. Where Corporate Identity may be invisible and colourless, yet accessible to millions in cyber space in over 200 countries around the world, round the clock and in full motion.

Thirty years ago, Naseem founded ABC Namebank International, in New York and Toronto, to solely concentrate on corporate nomenclature. Now, ABC Namebank is an excellent source for global naming solutions, and over two decades has acquired world-class reputation and know-how on corporate naming and global domain issues. This level of specialization is unmatched by any other agency in the world.

"Names are marketing weapons
and as such deployed in the global market place."

Naseem is accessible through his Toronto or New York offices:

Following is the biographical sketch from Canadian Who's Who:

Canadian WHO'S WHO,
University of Toronto Press Incorporated since 1985 Editions.

JAVED, Naseem, B.A.; executive; b. Delhi, India; s. Mohamed and Amtul Omar; e. Marie Colaco & St. Patrick H.S.; Univ. of Karachi B.A. 1964; m. Lucie E. d. Anna and Peter Pomarico 6 Nov. 1980; one. s.: Tashi; p. Kitty; PRES. AND DIR., ABC NAMEBANK INT'L. INC. 1979; Cons. to Fortune 500 and other leading corporations, on matters of Corporate and Product Naming including Global Domain name positioning issues and has named many companies, including TELUS, CELESTICA, ZARLINK, TRONICUS, GENNUM, AGRICORE, POLLARA, VINCOR and hundreds of others. Syndicated columnist, author of major books and lecturer on Corp. Naming on the international conference circuit. Founder of ABC NAMEBANK INT'L., a Toronto and New York based Corporate Naming Consultancy. Cons., Montreal Summer Olympic Games 1976; Dir. and Mgmt. Cons., Canadian Direct Mktg. Cons. Group Limited 1970-76; Mng. Dir., Inst. of Electro-Ergonomics, Dir., Tradewriters Ltd., 1976-79; CDMMA Award, Best in Category for Graphics, Design and Marketing in Canada, 1976; author How to Name a Business or a New Product, 1980; Brand Name Considerations, 1986; Corporate and Business Naming Trends, 1987; Dangers of Elementary Naming, 1991; Naming for Power, Creating Successful Names for the Business World, 1993; Sunrise, Day One, Year 2000, 1996; Domain Wars, Naming For The Global E-Commerce, 1999; recreations: squash, painting, chess; Offices: P.O. Box 2360, One St. John's Rd., Brampton, Ontario Canada L6T 3Y9; (U.S.) 90 Park Ave., Suite 1600, New York, NY 10016.       nj@njab

Following is a profile from "Canada at the Millennium" Commemorative Publication, honoring the top 500 personalities in the country, in the year 2000:

Canada at the Millennium, a Trans Cultural Society
Heirloom publishing Series seven

International Futurist and World Visionary

Born, Delhi, India, young Naseem Javed and his family, along with many thousands of other families, left partitioned India for the newly created Pakistan, 1947. Graduating, University of Karachi, B.A., 1964, Naseem gained valuable experience in the family-run printing and publishing business, learning marketing street smarts and the necessary sales skills required to embark on a marketing career in Canada. Immigrating to Montreal, 1967, Naseem’s graphic skills, international vision, and general marketing pizazz caught the eye of Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau, quick to discern that Naseem’s communication abilities would be a valuable asset to the Montreal Summer Olympics, 1976. He became an integral part of the new team, promoting and staging the hugely successful international sporting event during the hot summer of 1976. At the conclusion of the Montreal Olympics, Naseem was recognized as an international futurist and a world visionary. He then migrated to Toronto, Ontario, to establish ABC Namebank, a product and corporate consultant firm specializing in the creation of new corporate identity names. Over the last 20 years, Naseem and his company have productively guided clients to such recognized names as Telus, Gentra, Genexxa, Maximum, Celistica, and Minnova.

In this view Naseem Javed, centre, advises Mayor Jean Drapeau, left, and architect Roger Taillbert, right, on the marketing of various programs for the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics.