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Our solemn belief in placing the highest value on a 100% exclusive ownership to any brand name-identity anywhere in the world as an ultimate test of corporate strength ensures us value and a very unique base of strength that we bring to a boardroom. Based on this principal, we have exclusively worked on this side of the naming architecture during the last 30 years and as such, have earned respect all over the world.

Today, ABC Namebank offers commanding knowledge and authoritative evaluations to any local, national or global name identity and corporate nomenclature issues. Armed with 30 years of continuity and research, ABC Namebank provides a great highly streamlined access to hassle-free, globally acceptable name identities that at times, cut 95% of wasted promotional cost up to 95% of the time delays in reaching global brand image visibility. ABC routinely works in alliance with other consulting and ad agencies and brings highly specialized services and confidence level with world-class solutions and maximum satisfaction.

The range of services involve, evaluation of current brand identities, naming architecture, global naming solutions, creation of Five Star Standards Names, ICANN issues, global cyber-branding, image expansion and global trademark solutions. All work is highly streamlined.


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Naseem Javed is widely recognized as a world-authority on building corporate image and creating global name identities. He introduced “the Laws of Corporate Naming” in the 80’s and also founded ABC Namebank in Toronto and in New York, some 30 years ago. Author of “Naming for Power” his cutting-edge research on developing powerful iconic name and corporate image identities with global cyber-branding image for e-commerce is published around the globe just about each and every single day of the year. Enter his name in Google and some 20,000 plus pages about him will pop up.

Naseem is a powerful Keynote speaker and has been invited to speak at over 100 of the world’s top conferences, and has been profiled in hundreds of articles around the world. He has also appeared on hundreds of Radio and TV programs, circumnavigated the globe many times and brings an extremely rich international flavor to his work. Naseem has personally created global name identities which, when combined, receive a turnover of $40 billion USD per annum.